High School

Development and Preparation

When it comes to the high school level of the program, Rise Above Basketball’s primary focus is on developing and preparing our athletes for college and getting exposure by competing in some of the best tournaments around the country. Through intense practice sessions, our coaching staff of former collegiate basketball players are dedicated to training our athletes for the next level of competition. In addition, a major focus at the high school level will also be driven toward advising with the recruitment process and college placement.

Our Commitment

While helping to place players at the next level is a great accomplishment, what we are most proud of is the commitment and sacrifice our alumni have made to become integral pieces of their respective college programs. Our goal is for players to leave Rise Above being considered “college ready”. The RAB name has quickly become a staple in the Northeast for college recruitment purposes and with the dedication of our trusted staff we tend to keep it that way for years to come! 

2022 Boys High School Fall Tryouts

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Featured Alumni

20190417040108_103_mascotOrig John Lowther
clemson Devin Foster
wesleyan Nicky Johnson
College+Logos_Middlebury Sam Stevens
babson-logo3123-min Nate Amado